Making New Friends

Make New Friends - Song
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Our intimate, home-like environment can soften the transition to school for young ones; and often makes Silver Spruce feel like a second home. This combined with our teachers' passion and professional training make Silver Spruce a unique preschool & K experience.

The first step to joining our
Silver Spruce Family is a visit.
We would love to meet you!

Silver Spruce happily welcomes all children from age 2.9 through kindergarten.

Graduating Silver Spruce students are well prepared to transition to various school environments. Some receive IEP services to accommodate their performing above grade level.

A Circle of Friends

We've joined together

as classmates,

as the new year begins,

A year full of learning

While we become friends

We'll share and be kind 

as we work and we play

And our friendship will grow

with each passing day.

Silver Spruce students come from various backgrounds and cultural traditions, thus are not easily defined. We often invite families to share their heritage and traditions with our classrooms as we feel that it enriches all of our students' learning experience. What does unite our students is the spark of curiosity that is in all of us that we, at Silver Spruce, nurture into a lifetime love of learning.

What Did You Do Today?


When children come home at the end of the day

The question they're asked as they scurry to play

Is, "Tell me what you did today."

"Nothing. I did nothing today."

Perhaps "nothing" means - I painted with blue,

Or I learned a new word and

I counted too.

Maybe I heard a story today

Or went outside on the playground to play.

Maybe I sang an old song

to its end,

Or played with a special new found friend.

When you're oh-so young and your heart has wings

"Nothing" can mean so many things!