The Silver Spruce Family

Silver Spruce Montessori was born from a mother's desire to provide the best for her children. That strong Mother Bear instinct and passion continues to permeate all aspects of this very special school. Our intimate, home-like environment can soften the transition to school for young ones; and often makes Silver Spruce feel like a second home. This combined with our teachers' passion,caring and professional training make Silver Spruce a truly unique preschool & K experience.

Miss Charlene

​Founder ~ Head of School

The heart and soul of Silver Spruce.

Miss Charlene is the creative force behind Silver Spruce. The founding of the school provided a channel for her intense passions about the education of children in a way that respects their inherent worth and individuality. She has grounded her beliefs with years of education and research. Students throughout Silver Spruce benefit from her presence in all of the classrooms.

Lower Elementary Certification AMS, Montessori School of the Rockies

Director II, MS Dept of Ed

Lead Teacher Certification, MA Dept of Ed

Montessori Applied to Children At Risk 

M.Ed. Early Childhood, Anna Maria College

Mr. Bryan
Founder ~ Facilities Manager

Need help? Ask Mr. Bryan!

Mr. Bryan is our everything handyman, go-to guy. Fix-its, build-its, lift-its, paint-its - if we can think it then he can do it. Prior to founding Silver Spruce with his wife, Charlene, Mr. Bryan worked professionally as an engineer. This proved very useful as he renovated the large1890 Colonial Revival house that Silver Spruce calls home. He continues to improve the school facilities on a daily basis. 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Central New England College

The Silver Spruce Home
1890 Colonial Revival

We are so proud of the home of Silver Spruce. A beautiful, historic building with a rich history nestled into a pastoral landscape. We believe it provides the perfect backdrop and is a unreplicable character all its own. 

Learn more about the history of Silver Spruce.

Miss Cindy

​Lead Teacher

Have you ever met a real Italian mother? Miss Cindy is ours.

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Our Teachers

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