Frequently Asked Questions

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I've never left my child before, how will they do?

It depends on the child. Everyone's transition to school is unique. This is a common concern and a valid one. Please know that we are there for both you and your child to make this first school experience as positive as possible. We will work together with you so that everyone is comfortable and confident.You might be surprised! Many children transition seamlessly to school and are excited to take this next step in their development - they enjoy being big kids!

What age can a child start at Silver Spruce?

Starting in the fall 2021, we will welcome students ages 15 months to Kindergarten.

Do children need to be potty trained?

Your child does not need to be potty trained in order to start school. 

Can I come and take a tour of the school?

Yes! However, tours are limited to after school hours or weekend days. Please email to schedule a tour today.

Where is the school located?


Silver Spruce Montessori School is located just off the center of the historic Grafton common. Our families come from Grafton, Upton, Millbury, Westborough, and more!

44 Upton Road

Grafton, MA 01510

How do children transition to public school?

Silver Spruce Montessori School students transition easily into local public schools. Often times, they exceed the expected competency for Kindergarten or 1st grade. 

Do you allow peanut products at school?

Silver Spruce Montessori School is a nut-free school.

Can parents and grandparents be involved?

Yes! We welcome involvement from any and all family members and loved ones. In fact, if you have a special tradition, travel, skill or history you would like to share, please contact us about coming in as a special guest. Learning from all generations enhances the school experience. Please contact us about being a special guest!

How do you approach religious holidays?

We consider holidays as special opportunities to provide valuable learning experiences. We are inclusive of different cultural and religious holidays and invite parents from different backgrounds to come in and share their traditions with our school.

Do the children go outside?

Yes! Children are outside daily, if weather permits. Beyond free play you can frequently see teachers directing lessons outside as we encourage as much interaction with nature as possible.