Silver Spruce

Cultural Learning


Learning through colorful clothing, stories, artifacts from different countries, instruments & songs. Our world culture work area rotates through different continents during the school year. By touching, wearing, and hearing materials from other cultures students develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of cultures different from their own. 

Life Cycle Observation


Butterflies, frogs, chicks - oh my! The Life Cycle Observation every Spring is one of the most loved works at our school. Children are able to observe and discuss the life cycle of one of three animals in their own classroom and it is something they never forget. 

Artist Study


Van Gogh,Cassat, Manet, da Vinci, Monet, O'Keefe. Each classroom has a rotating artist study that focuses on one of the many great artists in history. Students learn about different genres of art and biographical information about the artist. Through this work children understand there is no "right" way to do art; they are encouraged to try different styles and techniques as a way to, perhaps, find a method of art all their own.

Integrated Performing Arts


Creative expression through theater, dance, and music. Silver Spruce has partnered with The Green Bean Project, a non-profit organization connecting kids with performing arts, and now offers a weekly integrated performing arts class to all students. Beyond creating an appreciation for the arts, these classes assist with building confidence and self-worth. Additionally, on alternating years Silver Spruce puts on a theatrical event for families!

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Nature Explore Classroom


Our Certified Nature Explore Classroom is a dynamic, nature-based play and learning space. The Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom applies research-based, field-tested design principles to create a nature-rich outdoor space.The mission of this comprehensive initiative is to help children and families develop a profound engagement with the natural world, where nature is an integral, joyful part of children’s daily learning.

Learn more about our Nature Explore Classroom.

Authentic Montessori


Mixed age classrooms, beautiful and meaningful materials, professionally trained and certified teachers. Montessori has a dual focus on the academic and social/emotional growth of its students which better prepares them to be successful in the "real world." The Montessori Method additionally encourages learning by following the child - meaning that children are able and encouraged to delve deep into subjects of passion without interruption or artificial boundaries. We encourage parents to learn about the differences in Montessori schools and welcome you to visit our Montessori page to read more.

Learning about "Work"


Silver Spruce students do their work at school. They even create their own work spaces. Why do we call it work? Is it hard? Boring? No, it is not. Children do not think of work as boring - adults do (sometimes). We find by taking their learning and exploration seriously they begin to have a sense of pride and confidence. Using other words like play downgrades the important experiences they are having at school. Having their own age appropriate work experiences allows them to mirror their parents and what they see in the world. It is the beginning of becoming a productive citizen of the world. 

Focus on the Whole Child


Silver Spruce tracks every student's progression both academically and in the area of social/emotional growth. These skills are as important, if not more important, than the development of measurable academics.

Grace & courtesy, conflict resolution, developing a feeling vocabulary, delayed gratification, independence and confidence are all part of a Silver Spruce education.

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Bucky & Other Goats


Students LOVE Bucky and our other goat friends. As our weekly "snack friend" prepares the classroom snack of the day all rinds, peels, etc. are put in the "goat bucket" and brought out during our outside time. Our snack friend and others are invited to feed the goats - who are always so excited to see them!