Music Class

Evidence shows that arts participation in early childhood is strongly linked to the following types of benefit:

Social skills development: helping, sharing, caring, empathy, and the capacity for other kinds of healthy interpersonal behavior

Emotion regulation ability: mood control and positive changes in affect and expression

If you would like to learn more about our integrated arts program, please feel free to contact Miss Joscelyn.

Theater, Dance, Singing & More

Our Integrated Performing Arts Program encourages creative expression and imagination through the arts. In weekly classes, students may learn to waltz, play an improv game, or act out a favorite nursery rhyme! Students enjoy trying new things and moving their bodies to the groove. During all this fun they are naturally developing skills they will need for empathy, problem solving, and public speaking.


Silver Spruce is pleased to now offer yoga to the elders of our classrooms. The many benefits of yoga have been well established over the years. Practicing mindfulness and relaxation through yoga can calm and clear the mind, relieve tension, anxiety, and stress, improve concentration and attention span, expand imagination and creativity, and even stimulate auditory processing and responsiveness.


For some students, practicing yoga can help them become more self-aware, especially when it comes to managing their emotions and tuning into their bodies’ stress signals. The practice of yoga can help children identify how their bodies feel as they become anxious or stressed, as well as teaching them how they can quiet and calm their bodies when these signals arise.


It’s no wonder that yoga with Miss Leah is a new favorite among the elders at Silver Spruce!