Montessori at Home


How many times have you heard your child firmly say, “I want to do it?” These words usually are said with a touch of stubbornness.

Our goal is to honor and encourage independence in each and every child.

Giving your child encouraging messages like, “I know you can do it yourself!"

Book Recommendations

Math Works - Montessori Math and the Developing Brain

by Michael Duffy

How to Raise and Amazing Child the Montessori Way

by Tim Seldin

What’s Going on in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life

by Lisa Eliot, PhD

Parent Resource

The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family

by Patrick Lencioni

Restoring sanity to the most important organization in your life.

Polishing Work

Everyday life is the foundation of all academics. It builds independence, concentration and order. Polishing work builds concentration. Children find it rewarding. If you want to see your child concentrate, bring out something to polish.

DIY non-toxic polish recipes:

Silver: Ketchup! (kid favorite)

Let it sit on for 15 minutes and then rub off with cloth before rinsing.

Also try cornstarch, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, lemon-lime soda

Wood: Mix ingredients in a spray bottle

½ c plain old white vinegar, or use ACV for darker woods

¼ c olive oil 

1 tbsp lemon juice

Optional Ingredients:

1 tbsp vegetable glycerin

20-30 drops (scent of your choice) essential Oil 

A game to play at home is the Concentration Game. Most children enjoy it more if they make their own cards. One idea is to duplicate pictures of themselves - a baby picture, first birthday, etc. 

This game is played with matching pairs of identical cards. Cards are placed facedown. Your child must remember where the matching cards are. Remembering where the cards are tests memory and concentration. It’s fun!


Foster Independence in your child at home!

They can be...

Kitchen Helper

Preparing Food



Your children are so proud when they can put their shoes and coats on. We are overjoyed even when they are backwards. What is important is they tried. Please do not correct them. Your child will do it "correctly" in time. Self care is the first sign of independence. Your child's confidence builds when she/he is able to accomplish things on his own.

When your child is engaged in a purposeful activity, make every attempt to not interrupt. Keep in mind the definition of purposeful to your child is extremely different than our definition.

Smile and observe.

It is beneficial to set your little one up in a quiet space. Playing is their work, similar to homework being your older ones work.

Concentration, concentration!

Offer your child more freedom with responsibility. 

Every morning the children fold towels. They love the responsibility and rise to the occasion.