How did this all begin?

Now, this is a GREAT Story...

Once upon a time ... there was a mom.

She went from wedding rings to teething rings and before she knew it she was on a mission to find the "perfect" preschool for her child. She looked and looked - after all, this would be her child's first big step into the world.

She found it easier to put into words what she didn't want versus what she did. She kept believing she would know it when she saw it and then one day - she did see it. It wasn't a school but, instead, a story. As she read the fable, The Animal School, she felt a wave of knowing wash over her, She tore out the page, excitedly stuffed it into her pocket. She had found inspiration.

With her husband​, Miss Charlene was able to found Silver Spruce Montessori. 

They found a beautiful 1890 Colonial Revival surrounded by farmland and rolling hills. Previously used as a nursing home, many restorations and adaptations were necessary. With vision and hard work the couple managed to create a special, safe haven for young people to grow and learn, to read and play, to explore and create.

That was 20 years ago.

Silver Spruce continues to maintain the special feeling it was originally created with while adapting to and welcoming our changing world. Miss Charlene believes very strongly that a Silver Spruce education provides even more benefit in today's world due to the need for creative, independent, compassionate individuals in the 21st century.

And she still has that slip of paper with the original story that inspired it all.