Extra Special Days at Silver Spruce

Pumpkinfest is a special evening for our families. It is a fall festival based around the Harvest Moon. In the classrooms the children celebrate the harvest in preparation of this event. Each classroom creates special scarecrows and our outdoor classroom is strewn with hay. Families enjoy hay rides through neighboring fields and roasting marshmallows over the fire pit. Pumpkinfest follows our philosophy of the importance of nature and humans tie to the world.

Fine Arts & Theater Nights

Silver Spruce celebrates the arts with alternating Arts Nights & Theater Performances. Students enjoy performing pieces they have worked so hard or creating memorable art inspired by master artists of the past. Have you ever created a masterpiece with marbles?

Mother's Day Tea

Our grace and courtesy lessons are on full display every year during the very special Mother's Day Tea event. You will receive student made invitations to be served tea by your child and some quiet, intimate conversation as we transform the whole school into a nostalgic tea parlor. Please remember to wear your fanciest finery to this upscale event.

Father's Day Hike

Mr. Bryan leads this physical, nature based event that creates a wonderful memory for fathers and kids alike. Explore a trail and enjoy some tech free time on a Saturday in May.

Garden Day

In May, Silver Spruce has a designated day during which students add their own plants, vegetables and herbs to our outdoor space. Leading up to this students learn about the life cycle and needs of plants in their classrooms with books, science experiments and special work at the nature tables. On Garden Day, students bring in a plant of their choosing, trowel and gardening clothes and add to the Silver Spruce gardens. They love to watch their plant grow the rest of the school year. 

Audubon and Special Visitors


To enhance students' educational experience, Silver Spruce invites special visitors during the school year. These guests vary but may include furry friends from the Audubon Society or wacky scientists with exploding experiments.